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WhatsApp Chat WordPress Plugin 3.1.8 Latest Version Free Download

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WhatsApp Chat WordPress Plugin Free Download Outline

WhatsApp Chat WordPress Plugin Nulled enables the integration of your WhatsApp App experience directly from your website, that is you can connect your WhatsApp Mobile to your Website, and interate with visitors from your website with your WhatsApp on your mobile.

The integration is seamless and it helps you in establishing trust and customer loyalty by chatting with them immediately, giving them offers and technical support.

WhatsApp Chat WordPress Plugin Free Download Features


    You can add multiple member accounts into a WhatsApp box to display using the NinjaTeam WhatsApp Chat plugin. Your customers can select the supporter they would like to chat with, so they are aware of who they are speaking with.


    You have the option to choose the colors for the WhatsApp box using the Ninja Team WhatsApp Chat plugin so that it matches the design and aesthetic of your website. Additionally, you can add a photo, name tag, and job title to each box for each person based on their time availability. 

    The button is green or another color you choose when you are online; otherwise, it is grey. Customers, therefore, don’t feel ignored when you don’t respond right away. They are fully aware of the available time that you initially set.


    Is your website bilingual? Not to worry! Any WordPress translation plugin, such as WPML and Polylang, can be used to quickly and easily customize any language on your website.


    The NinjaTeam WhatsApp Chat plugin’s shortcode allows you to display the WhatsApp box virtually anywhere on your website. It could be one or more specific pages, posts, or even the entire website.

    We chose the trickiest section of the code. We took our time to create the best UI/UX possible. The plugin only needs to be uploaded to WordPress, activated, and customized using all of the available options.

What’s New: WhatsApp Chat WordPress Plugin

– jQuery is no longer used in the front end; instead, a native browser script with a quick appearance is used (no delay like old versions)
Riode Theme is supported.
– Fixed: CSS Style and jQueryUI conflicts
– Other small bug fixes.

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