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W3 Total Cache Pro v2.2.7 Latest Version – WordPress Cache Plugin Free Download

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Outline - W3 Total Cache Pro Latest Version

The W3 Total Cache Pro also abbreviated to W3TC is a WordPress caching plugin that greatly improves your website search engine optimization (SEO) and your user experience by increasing your website performance and enhancing page load time utilizing the content delivery network (CDN) integration feature.

A plugin that has been around for more than 10 years, W3 Total Cache Pro has been relied on by web developers, publishers, and web hosts as the only Web Performance Optimization (WPO) framework for WordPress. It contains everything for your WordPress website performance.

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Main Features of W3 Total Cache Pro

  • Improved rankings on search engine result from pages, especially for sites that are mobile-friendly and SSL-capable.
  • Enhanced conversion rates and “site performance,” all of which affect the Google.com ranking of your website.
  • When fully configured, the overall site performance increases by at least 10 times (WebPagetest grade A or significant increases in Google Page Speed).
  • Repeated page visits that happen “instantly”: web browser caching
  • Pages now load more quickly and can be interacted with more quickly thanks to improved progressive rendering.
  • Users spend more time on the site and view more pages when page load times are faster.
  • Enhanced web server performance and increased traffic capacity
  • You can cut your bandwidth usage by up to 80% when you minify your HTML, CSS, and JS files.
  • Storing of Pieces Features like a social layer, personalization, and e-commerce are frequently found on highly dynamic websites.
  • This rules out caching entire pages in order to improve user experience and performance.
  • Between no caching and “ideal” full-page caching, fragment caching bridges the gap.
  • The WordPress Transient API is expanded by W3TC, enabling programmers to use both horizontal and vertical scales without having to modify their code.
  • Extensions Framework As was previously stated, extensions and add-ons provide a great way to de-bloat applications that handle numerous problems or use cases.
  • Additionally, it fosters innovation by allowing outside parties to contribute while still maintaining the necessary level of control.
  • This is the first iteration of our extension framework, and we can’t wait for you to try it out. For the time being, documentation can be found in the plugin’s FAQ.

What’s New: W3 Total Cache Pro

  • JS minify issue with template literal backticks Fixed
  • Do not redirect when using WP-CLI Fixed
  • Missing whitespace in Memcached Nginx configuration Fixed
  • Setting for CDN over passive FTP Fixed
  • Fix: Updated CDN Minify regex
  • Fix: Added missing text domains and fixed translations
  • Enhancement: Allow default AWS credentials provider
  • Enhancement: Added error logging when the minification base URL is not found

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