UpdraftPlus Premium WordPress Plugin

UpdraftPlus Premium WordPress Plugin v2.22.23.25 Latest Version Free Download

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Summary: UpdraftPlus Premium WordPress Plugin Free Download

UpdraftPlus Premium WordPress Plugin is well-known as the most popular backup plugin for WordPress. It has been recorded to be used by over 2million website owners on WordPress including Cisco, Microsoft, and many popular organizations.

UpdraftPlus Premium WordPress Plugin gives you a host of many features with the premium version that helps you make a backup of every section of your WordPress website like themes, plugins, uploads, and database with just a click.

It is a very easy to use plugin for beginners and everything can be done from your WordPress dashboard including restoring your backup data. You have an option of making a backup for only new recent changes even after a full backup has been done previously. This helps to minimize use of resources.

The plugin numerous features also gives you the ability to store datas in cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. You can also schedule a backup for a particular time. Generally, UpdraftPlus Premium WordPress Plugin is a very robust and flexible backup plugin that is very advanced and easy-to-use.

Features: UpdraftPlus Premium WordPress Plugin

  • Highly trusted plugin
  • Easy to use interface
  • Complete WordPress backup in a single click
  • Scheduled backups support
  • Easy restoration of data
  • Site cloning and migration option
  • Remote storage location support
  • Incremental backup support
  • Highly efficient
  • Uses less memory
  • Allows encrypting the database
  • WP-CLI support
  • Non-WordPress files backup is also possible
  • Multi-Site compatible
  • Automated backups
  • Routinely backups
  • UpdraftVault 1GB free storage
  • Multiple remote storage options
  • Latest technologies supported
  • Lightweight plugins
  • Backup reports
  • Display backup status with errors and warnings
  • File checksum for verification
  • Can restore backups made by other backups plugins

What’s New: UpdraftPlus Premium WordPress Plugin

  • Backblaze has fixed its infinite loop when listing buckets with a large number of objects.
  • The S3-provider classes’ organization has been slightly improved (abstract per-backend logic more cleanly).
  • Revert the 1.16.55 change that affected how Amazon S3 authentication errors were handled and broke support for S3-compatible providers.
  • Clean up the UpdraftPlus S3 class by getting rid of some pointless methods.
  • It has been fixed that when performing an atomic restore, the incorrect prefix is applied to non-WP tables.
  • The problem that prevented the restoration of generic (non-UpdraftPlus) SQL databases has been resolved.
  • Boost performance when listing Backblaze files when performing multiple deletions.
  • and a few other small adjustments and bug fixes.

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