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TranslatePress Pro Nulled V2.4.0 + Addons – WordPress Multilingual Plugin Free Download

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Outline: TranslatePress Pro WordPress Plugin

TranslatePress Pro WordPress Plugin Nulled assists you in translating your WordPress website right from the frontend and also has full support for WooCommerce, themes, and page builders. The plugin is very easy to use and reliable, you can check out more features below.

Core Features: TranslatePress Pro WordPress Plugin

Translate the page

You can translate the entire page at once, including output from shortcodes, form builders, and page builders, using the interface.

Dynamic Strings

WordPress, plugins, and themes have added full support for dynamic strings (gettext).

Automatic Translation

With Google Translate and DeepL integration, you can quickly get your content automatically translated and only adjust what isn’t perfect.

Editorial Control

Only publish your language once all of your translations are complete.

Image translation

To show different images for each language on your website, translate images directly from the translation interface.

221 Languages

Use the WordPress translation plugin to add as many languages as you need for your project to go global.

SEO Friendly

SEO support for page slug, title, description, and social graph information from Twitter and Facebook. The HTML lang attribute has been correctly set.

Language Switcher with Customizability

A floater menu, a shortcode, and individual menu items are included in the extended language switcher.

Translator Accounts

Create translator accounts that will be able to translate the website without the need for the WordPress backend, site builders, or metaboxes.

Translation Blocks

By joining multiple translation strings into a translation block, you can translate larger blocks of HTML with a single translation.

What’s New: TranslatePress Pro WordPress Plugin

  • In Advanced Settings, hreflang x-default is now supported.
  • Improved checking to see if the Google machine translation quota was exceeded for each batch.
  • Correct a fatal error brought on by some themes’ erroneous calls to the title filter.
  • A fix was made for the automatic translation character counter not resetting each day.
  • Fixed a potential conflict between the automatic translation feature and the trp language shortcode.
  • When using the admin referer, REST API requests no longer process gettext.
  • Avoid updating the text translation machine with empty translations.
  • Fixed the first save of settings and did not set the machine translation codes.
  • Backward compatibility with the Deepl Add-on version 1.0.0 was fixed.
  • TRP-wrap tags that might have ended up in the front-end content were removed.
  • Improved license error message display.
  • Flags for seven languages have been fixed and added.
  • jQuery is no longer required in the language switcher shortcode.
  • The translation error for admin-ajax JSON strings has been fixed.
  • Fixed problem with HTML tags causing HTML to break.
  • Warning when saving advanced settings has been fixed.
  • Selectors can now be excluded from translation in Advanced settings.
  • There is now a choice to move the floating language switcher.
  • CartFlows plugin compatibility has been increased.
  • An improved level of NextGen plugin compatibility.
  • Mails from the Ninja Popups plugin are now compatible.
  • Woo Tours plugin compatibility has been improved.
  • Trip-get text wrappings in the WooCommerce REST API were fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with images translated by JetPack CDN.
  • Edge case that caused HTML to break when the text was obtained from script tag attributes has been fixed.
  • Product title in the WooCommerce “Product has been added to cart” message that has been translated.
  • Improved dynamic string translation of string overdetection.
  • Improved machine translation and handling of SQL errors.
  • For products with hyphens in their names, the WooCommerce Product Translation on the Cart Page has been fixed.
  • A Feature of Translation Memory was added.

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