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Swift Performance Pro Latest Version Nulled – Cache & Performance Booster Free Download

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Outline - Swift Performance Pro Latest Version Nulled

Swift Performance Pro Nulled Plugin equips you with one of the best caching for your website that is innovative and super fast.

It enables you to cache AJAX and dynamic requests. The Swift Performance Pro Plugin Nulled not only combines and minifies JavaScripts and CSS files but also aids in creating critical CSS to boost your pages speed.

Recommended Theme: Bimber WordPress Theme

Main Features of Swift Performance Pro

 – Improve Page Speed & SEO
The speed of loading is crucial. With just a few clicks, you can decrease page loading and rendering times with Swift Performance and raise your performance rating.

– Does it support my theme and plugins?
Yes, all WordPress themes that adhere to WordPress’ coding standards and offer a solid 14-day money-back guarantee are compatible with Swift Performance.

– Why Swift Performance?
You can easily improve WordPress performance and even achieve a 100/100 rating with Google Page Insights thanks to its guided setup wizard, ease of use, and unique solutions.

– Do I require an additional performance enhancer or cache?
There is no requirement to use additional cache or performance-enhancing plugins because Swift Performance provides an integrated solution.

– Eliminate render-blocking assets
Swift Performance can generate crucial CSS on the fly for your pages in addition to minifying and combining the CSS and JavaScript files.

– Innovative, super-fast cache
With the intelligent caching offered by Swift Performance, both dynamic and AJAX requests can be cached.

– Image optimizer
An image optimizer is included with Swift Performance. Your website’s performance can be enhanced by seamlessly compressing your JPEG and PNG images.

– CDN Support
Swift Performance offers CDN assistance. A hostname that will be used for static resources can be specified. Additionally, you can set up three different hosts for media files, Javascript, and CSS.

What’s New: Swift Performance Pro

  • Minor improvements Improved
  • Ability to remove redirected URLs from Warm-up table Improved
  • Error logging for server-side scripts Improved

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