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Super Email Sender Free Download

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Tool Summary: Super Email Sender

By H-Educate

The Best Free Bulk Email Sender Available!

The finest free bulk email software to manage mailing lists and launch email marketing campaigns in a few simple steps is Super Email Sender. Super Email Sender is a single interface that combines power, performance, and simplicity.

On your computer, you can instantly compose newsletters, manage lists, and launch email marketing campaigns with a single click.  Being completely free is what makes it ideal.

Core Features of Super Email Sender

Email marketing campaigns in minutes!

With its straightforward style and architecture, Super Email Sender enables you to establish an email marketing campaign in only one click. You may easily conduct your campaigns on a local PC while maintaining the privacy of your information and avoiding any additional expenditures if you want to launch an email marketing campaign. This eliminates the need for complex or web-based programs. It’s simple, quick, and effective.

Super Email Sender Free Download, send emails free, send bulk emails free, send bulk emails for free, free email sender

Multi-Campaign Management

With Super Email Sender Version 4.0, you can now manage and operate numerous campaigns simultaneously. With only a few clicks using this capability, you’ll be able to handle your email marketing campaigns just like you would with corporate software!

super email sender

Built-in SMTP Rotation Engine

Super Email Sender enables you to add numerous Email Delivery Services and operate your email marketing campaigns across many services. The SMTP rotation feature allows you to send more emails using free email services such as Gmail and Outlook, as well as warm up and safeguard your reputation while sending.

You don’t need to bother about any setups because this operation is completely automated. Enable Rotation to witness the magic. In addition, Super Email Sender now offers three delivery service options:

  • SMTP Server (Connect any SMTP Service).
  • Google Gsuite API (Send Up to 2000 Emails per day).
  • Postal SMTP API (No need for any port, use the API and Start).
super email sender

Unlimited Emails, Lists, & Templates

You may create an infinite number of email lists with Super Email Sender, and you can import your subscribers from TXT or CSV files with only one click. Additionally, the built-in Email Template Editor lets you create stunning emails that convert while adding an unlimited number of Templates.

You may tailor your emails and carry out more effective email marketing campaigns using Super Email Sender’s built-in Mail Merge feature.

super email sender

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