Student Grading System

Student Grading System in C# and MS Access

Project Outline of Student Grading System

The Student Grading System is a program specifically developed in C# (pronounced as C-Sharp) programming language used in storing, managing, and computing students’ data and records. This program is a simple and straightforward program aimed at providing a database for all students’ records including, Student ID, Student Email, First Name, and Last Name, Test Score, Attendance Score, Written and Practical Quiz Score, Project scores, and Examination scores.

This Grading System works automatically, once the relevant students’ details are inputted, the system computes and calculates the Prelim Grade. This Prelim Grade of the student can be viewed by the user, and any remarks can be added about the student’s grade. This record can easily be modified, saved, or deleted from the grading reports.

Student Grading System, c#. MS Access

Student Grading System can be classified as a desktop application that is developed with C# programming language and MS Access database whose sole aim is to provide an efficient and accurate assessment of all students’ grades by evaluating their written and practical learning and performance. This evaluation can also aid instructors to know the development and achievement of their students.

Attributes of Student Grading System

  • Input students’ raw scores
  • Compute Students’ Grades
  • Manage Students’ Personal Data
  • Manage Student Grades
  • CRUD
  • Search Records

Installation Guide of Student Grading System

  • Download the zip file.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file named (gradingsystem)
  • Open the folder grading system
  • Click gradsys.sln to open the system in Visual Studio.
  • After that, press F5 to run the system

The program, Student Grading System in C# and MS Access With Complete Source Code is strictly for educational purposes only. You can download it as a reference and broaden your horizon in making a system. It can be easily modified, according to your needs.

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