Perfmatters Plugin Nulled v2.0.0 Latest Version Free Download

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WordPress Plugin Outline: Perfmatters Plugin Nulled

Perfmatters Plugin Nulled Free Download – An extremely lightweight WordPress performance plugin. This plugin’s primary goal is to minimize both the size of your page and the number of HTTP requests. To speed up your site, you can eliminate a variety of unnecessary features including emoticons, XML-RPC, RSD Links, Shortlinks, RSS Feeds, and many others. Even though it isn’t a caching plugin, it offers the functions that one lacks. There is no conflict between Perfmatters and any other cache plugin.

Better loading times can be achieved by combining Perfmatters and any other caching plugin. The Perfmatters plugin’s real size is likewise considerably smaller, ranging between 150KB and 160KB. This plugin won’t affect the performance of your website the way other large plugins do. You can disable CSS and JavaScript on particular pages using the Perfmatters plugin’s script management feature. For instance, the majority of us utilize the Contact Form 7 plugin, which inserts its script onto the page of our website.

Core Features: Perfmatters Plugin Nulled

  • Lightweight with Organized Coding.
  • Disable Emoji.
  • Disable Embeds.
  • Remove Query Strings from static resources.
  • Disable XML-RPC.
  • Hide the WP version.
  • Remove jQuery migration.
  • Remove RSD, Shortlinks, RSS feeds, RSS feeds links, and REST API links.
  • Disable self-pingbacks.
  • Disable Dashicons, Google Maps, Google Fonts, and Heartbeat API.
  • Remove comments URL.
  • Lazy loading of images.
  • Limit post revisions.
  • Change login URL.
  • WooCommerce performance optimization.
  • CDN Rewrite.
  • Google Analytics optimization.
  • DNS Prefetch.
  • Script controller.
  • Add code to header and footer.

What’s New: Perfmatters Plugin Nulled

  • To determine whether to load used CSS from a file or inline, a new Used CSS Method option has been added.
  • New filter for perfmatters cache path was added.
  • Updated metabox features limit administrator access to metabox display.
  • To better support third-party tools using WP CLI, changes were made to the custom login URL feature.
  • Fusion Builder query string arguments were added to the list of disallowed page builders.
  • Unused CSS regex has been modified to be more reliable when stylesheets are inserted between other link tags.
  • On WordPress 5.9.2, the Remove Global Styles option had a bug that prevented duotone SVGs from being eliminated.
  • Fixed a problem where, when the Disable Scripts option was set, WooCommerce block stylesheets were not being properly dequeued.
  • Fixed a problem that occasionally prevented the CSS Parser library from being successfully included.
  • Updated translations.
    Remove Global Styles Associated with Duotone Filters has been added as a new option.
  • The perfmatters script manager locale filter was updated.
  • The perfmatters disable woocommerce scripts filter was updated.
  • New filter for perfmatters page builders was added.
  • Added a new filter called perfmatters delay js behavior.

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