Online Faculty Evaluation System

Online Faculty Evaluation System using PHP and MySQL

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Outline: Online Faculty Evaluation System using PHP and MySQL

The Online Faculty Evaluation System is a PHP/MySQLi project that assists schools in managing their evaluation results. The system has three user types: administrators, faculty, and students. The Administrator user handles the maintaining and populating data in the system database using the admin front-end feature, such as the list of subjects, faculties, students, and other related data.

Student users are only allowed to rate the faculties assigned to their class per issue. If the faculty teaches two subjects in the class, the study will determine the teacher twice. Even if the evaluation is still in progress, faculty users can only view their evaluation results.

For the design of the Online Faculty Evaluation System, HTML, PHP/MySQLi, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery/Ajax), and Bootstrap were used. The source code is fully functional and simple to change or improve. Follow the steps below to get started with the program.

Main Features: Online Faculty Evaluation System using PHP and MySQL


  • Login Page
  • Dashboard Page
  • Subject Management
  • Class Management
  • Faculties Management
  • Student Management
  • Evaluation Criteria Management
  • Academic Year Management
  • Evaluation Questionnaire Management
  • Users Management


  • Login Page
  • Dashboard Page
  • Evaluate Faculties


  • Login Page
  • Dashboard Page
  • View Evaluation Result

Installation Guide: Online Faculty Evaluation System

To run the program, you must first install a virtual server like XAMPP on your Computer device.

Online Faculty Evaluation System is a free download that should only be used for educational purposes.

The following steps should be taken after starting Apache and MySQL in XAMPP.

1: Proceed to Extract the downloaded file.
2: Copy the main program folder.
3: Paste the copied folder in xampp/htdocs/.

To Connect Database

4: Open a browser and navigate to “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/”.
5: Next, select the databases tab.
6: Create a database called “evaluation_db“, and proceed to select the import tab.
7: Select the “evaluation_db.sql” file located in the “db” folder by clicking on “browse file”.
8: Press “Go.”

Following Database Creation.

9: Open a browser and navigate to “http://localhost/eval”.

Administrator Login details
password: admin123

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