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MemberPress Pro WordPress Plugin + Addons – WordPress Membership Plugin Free Download

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Outline: MemberPress Pro WordPress Plugin Free Download

MemberPress Pro WordPress Plugin Nulled is a membership plugin for WordPress that helps you in applying a subscription for your protected content on your website. To get access, users will be charged depending on your settings, it can be weekly, monthly yearly, or a lifetime payment.

MemberPress Pro WordPress Plugin Nulled is a very simple-to-use WordPress plugin that allows you to create, manage and track member subscriptions, it also enables you to sell digital download products without any hassle. You can easily provide and revoke access to any post, page, video, category, feed, digital assets or download depending on the type of subscription a user is subscribed to.

Core Features: MemberPress Pro WordPress Plugin


We think it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your WordPress Membership website up and running. To be the most user-friendly membership site software available, we built MemberPress Pro for this reason. You only need to install the plugin, enter the details for your payment gateway, and create some products to get started.

Powerful Access Rules

Based on the memberships or digital products your users have purchased, MemberPress Pro enables you to precisely control what information they can view. With MemberPress, you can limit who has access to pages, child pages, posts, custom post types, categories, tags, and pretty much every other file in your WordPress installation.

Powerful Access Rules

You can use MemberPress Pro to build your own password-protected community when you set up and use a WordPress-based forum. The WordPress forum plugins BBPress and several others are compatible with MemberPress.

Coupons That work

Running promotions and giveaways are a cinch with coupons. They are crucial to every online business as a result. With MemberPress Pro, you can make as many coupons as you want, decide when they expire and how many times they can be used, and even customize your discount codes.

Stunning Pricing Pages

The creation of dynamic price pages for your membership products is quick and easy with MemberPress Pro. Among other things, you can change the copy, the look, and the order of your products. MemberPress comes with a variety of pricing page themes. Therefore, even without any CSS or HTML coding, your pricing page looks great. If you’re an advanced user, you can create your own CSS styles or use page templates to completely alter your WordPress theme.

Works With Any Theme

MemberPress Pro supports all WordPress themes. Therefore, MemberPress should work well for you whether you’re using a theme from StudioPress, WooThemes, another company, or even a custom theme.

Affiliate Program

Easy Affiliate is a plugin that MemberPress Pro created; the two are still close friends. You can easily incorporate the excellent affiliate program Easy Affiliate into your WordPress blog. We would know because we wrote it! The designers of MemberPress created Easy Affiliate with small business owners in mind. To significantly boost your earnings, we strive to provide the best affiliate program we can.

Full Subscription Management

It’s not a half-baked idea—right from your website, MemberPress Pro enables your subscribers to create, manage, upgrade, or cancel their subscriptions. Because MemberPress makes use of the payment gateway’s automated billing systems, there is no complicated setup required. You can relax knowing that MemberPress will grant or deny access to your members based on whether or not your payments are received on time.

What’s New: MemberPress Pro WordPress Plugin

  • Unknown index PHP is aware.
  • Developer Tools add-on error with SourceMaps warning.
  • Tax rate mistakes on Stripe.
  • Inconsistency in the privacy policy’s HTML.
  • With Stripe Checkout, the eCommerce tracking shortcode is inoperable.
  • If BuddyPress integration is used, two-factor options are not displayed.
  • When handling returns, PayPal Standard occasionally navigates to the account page.
  • Modifying the Credit Card information on imported Stripe subscriptions.

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