Hotel Reservation System

Hotel Reservation System in VB.Net

Project Details: Hotel Reservation System

A hotel reservation system is a software application that helps businesses manage their hotel bookings. It can automate the process of taking and confirming bookings, as well as managing guest data and room inventory. A hotel reservation system can also help businesses keep track of their room rates and special offers, and generate reports on hotel performance.

This system was developed using VB.NET, it gives the user all the abilities and control to manage the acitivies of the hotel including selection and viewing of rooms, accomodation and reservation of rooms, repair and maintainence of rooms etc.

Hotel Reservation System, VB.NET, source code
  • DESIGN CREDIT: Created by the BSIT 4th year student as their final project.

Features of Hotel Reservation System

  • Lodge guests: used to manage incoming and outgoing guests record, and allocate room numbers.
  • View Rooms; preview of all rooms can be done with this system, to know the availability of the rooms, been maintained by cleaning staff or occupied by guests.
  • Reserve rooms; rooms can be placed on reserve for a particular date by a guest.
  • View all records
  • Select rooms; 

Installation Guide of Hotel Reservation System

  • To successfully run this program, download and extract the file and copy it inside your document root.
  • Then open your PHPMyAdmin and create a database named “hotel_db.”
  • Now, import the database that can be found inside the hotel folder named “hotel_db.”
  • To log in to the admin side of this system, you can use these user accounts.

Login Information

User: admin
Password: admin

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