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Sudoku Game using Python Programming Language

Outline Title: Sudoku Game using Python

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This is a simple design of the popular game, Sudoku, replicated with Python Source Code. The Sudoku game is well known as a single-player game that tests the arithmetic intelligence of the player by inputting combinatory numbers in sequence. This is aimed at improving thinking speed and agility. Designed with the Tkinker module, the interface is basic and simple for easy comprehension.

The Sudoku game interface appears on a 9×9 grid board. In interacting with the application, the player is required to enter the exact number sequence to be able to solve the puzzle.

This is a relevant game that helps programming beginners and enthusiasts understand simple techniques using the python programming language.

Features of Sudoku Game Using Python

Sudoku interface is very user-friendly; its simple design makes the play navigation easy and unique.

Levels; Built with different levels that increase in difficulty as you play on.

Controls; Easy to use controls with a few clicks of the mouse or keyboard.

Alternation; Sudoku can be played with numbers, letters, or symbols.

Simple Installation of Sudoku Game

  1. Firstly, download & install the Python IDLE, Link Here
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to your preferred location.
  3. Open the extracted folder
  4. Locate the py file.
  5. Open the file using python IDLE.
  6. Run the py file to launch the program.

The simple Sudoku game is utilizing the Python programming language. With the aid of this program you can polish and improving your python knowledge. Keep perusing through our site to find more instructional python programs for your continuous learning.

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