Angry Birds Game Application in Android-Unity

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Angry Birds Game Application in Android-Unity

Project Details: Angry Birds

Unity is a game engine created by Unity Technologies. It is used to develop 2D/3D games and interactive virtual experiences across platforms. It is widely used for video games, simulations, education, AR/VR, and other interactive content.

The original version of Angry Birds game was developed using several game objects like birds, blocks, pigs, TNTs, and many other objects for decoration. Different types of birds were used and each differs in size and colour, some have abilities that are triggered when the screen is touched after a shot.

Angry Birds game also has various types of pigs that also differ in size and health points. The blocks are of different materials that affect their physical properties and health points. While TNTs are utilized for explosions that cause damage in the area that can affect various blocks and pigs.

All of the abovementioned game objects are placed on terrain that can either be flat or complex.

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