Complete School Management System

Complete School Management System using Python Django

Outline: School Management System Using Django

This is a management system simply developed to take care of the daily activities, projects, instructions, and tasks of a school. Digitally built as a platform that holds and monitors the information, resources, and records of the entire school, School Management System is a software that is utilized for the general purpose of managing school activities.

School Management System can serve as a database that handles huge school data, increasing productivity, efficiency, and time for task execution.

It has an enormous functionality including building students record and holding all identities of students and staffs, attendance and report generation of students and staffs, academic grades of students accessible online, and parents’ visitation and performance.

This system is a massive upgrade from the use of handwritten documentation that consumes a lot of time and effort, and it has a high tendency of accumulating errors. With this software, accuracy can be achieved in a shorter time with just simple clicks.

Complete School Management System, python, django, source code

This management system was developed using the Python programming language with complete school management in Django, Javascript, and Bootstrap 4.

Download & install the Python, Link Here

Complete School Management System Features

This System features consist of the following outlined below, which helps in the general task of management;

  • Students’ Management
  • Teacher & Instructors Management
  • Departmental Management
  • Campus Accommodation
  • Club Management
  • Library Management
  • Parent Management
  • Routine Management
  • Managing Events
  • Schedules Classes
  • Scheduling Meetings (Students, Staff & Parents)

Installing Complete School Management System

  • Navigate to the project folder
  • Click on Run to Execute
					pipenv install
  • Run
python migrate

  • Then
					python runserver

After completing the above step, test the program by creating a superuser too.


In order to test this project with dummy data:


  • script to create departments
  • create an academic session object from the admin or dashboard
  • populate_teachers
  • populate_students

then for the result, subjects, and combinations you can run your script or just create data manually.

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