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Complete Online Bitcoin Trading System in PHP MySQL

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Outline: Complete Online Bitcoin Trading System in PHP

A platform for trading Bitcoins online, the Online Bitcoin Trading System Platform in PHP is available for free download with source code. A dynamic, fully responsive Laravel-based platform for investing in bitcoin is used. You may now easily create your own Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or currency investment platform. In just five minutes, you can launch your investment website. Optimistic trading to you!

Core Features: Complete Online Bitcoin Trading System in PHP

The Online Bitcoin Trading System Platform Project has the following features:


  • Home
  • About us
  • Page Menus
  • FAQ
  • Login
  • Register
  • Services
  • Plans
  • Referral Commission
  • Online Transactions
  • Display Top Investors
  • Testimonials
  • Latest Withdrawal and Transactions
  • Accept Payment Methods


  • Dashboard
  • Transaction Logs
  • Investment Repeat History
  • Automatic Deposit
  • Bank Deposit
    • Add Manual Method
    • View Manual Method
    • Pending Request
    • Manual Deposit History
  • All Deposit History
  • Manage Withdrawal
    • Add Method
    • View Method
    • Completed Withdraw
    • Pending Withdraw
    • Refunded Withdraw
    • Withdraw History
  • Investment Plan
    • Create New Plan
    • View All Plans
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Investment Compound
  • Support Ticket
  • Web Control and Settings
  • Website Interface Control

Script Comes With

  • Excellent customer service and quick response times.
  • Fix any errors or broken links.
  • Help with installation and setup.
  • Preparation statements are used in a secure database to prevent SQL Injection.
  • Defends against CSRF assaults.
  • Use an HTML filter to stop XSS attacks.
  • Built utilizing the most recent version of LARAVEL.
  • The encryption of passwords by encrypting using bcrypt.
  • To use it, you should need GMP Extension.

Server Requirements

  • PHP >= 7.0.0
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • GMP Extension
  • BCrypt Extension

Installation Guide: Online Bitcoin Trading System

The following are the steps for installing the platform for the online bitcoin trading system:

  1. Upload  then unzip it in your CPanel.
  2. Make a database user and a MySQL database.
  3. Visit http://your-sitename/install in your web browser.
  4. Click SETUP after entering all the necessary information.
  5. You can utilize the system immediately because it is ready.
  6. To change the website, go into the admin panel at http://your-sitename/admin using the credentials: Username: admin and Password: admin.

How to Setup Cron Job

To automatically produce user profit, a cron job must be set up.

  • 1. Cron Command: wget http://YourDomain.Name/ipnblockbtc
  • 2. Cron Command: wget http://YourDomain.Name/ipnblocklite
  • 3. Cron Command: wget http://YourDomain.Name/ipnblockdog
  • 4. Cron Time: Depending on your plans, once every 05–15 minutes should be enough.

How To Edit Code?

When the product is installed on your server, two folders and a few files will be available for you.

All of our assets, including CSS, JS, and Images, are kept in the folder “assets.” So, look in this folder if you want to edit or change any assets.

The Laravel Core is kept in the “core” folder.

On this project, we maintain Laravel’s MVC structure.

All Routes (URLs) are in “core/routes/web.php.” The ControllerName@FunctionName is located here.

The “core/app” folder contains all models.

“core/app/Http” This folder contains all controllers. If any functionality has to be changed, you are free to do so.

“core/resources/views” Here, you have the complete HTML Structure. If you need to edit anything in HTML, you can do whatever you want.

Template HTML Structure

The HTML template incorporates proper HTML5 tags and Latest Bootstrap v4. This theme has a responsive design and a Support column with 12 columns. The content area contains predefined classes and all of the information is nested within those classes.

CSS Files and Structure

This theme mostly uses three CSS files. The first one is called bootstrap.css, the second is called style.css and it’s for this template. The third one is called responsive.css and it manages responsive layouts.

Used CSS File For Various Purposes:
  • bootstrap.min.css (CSS Folder). 
  • font-awesome.min.css (CSS Folder).
  • jquery.circliful.css (SASS Folder).
  • font-awesome.min.css (CSS Folder).
  • slick.css (CSS Folder).
  • swiper.min.css (CSS Folder).
  • style.css (CSS Folder).
  • responsive.css (CSS Folder).

Simply locate the appropriate title in the CSS file and scroll down until you locate the proper style that needs to be modified if you want to edit a specific section of the website.

jQuery and JavaScript

  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap (bootstrap.min.js)
  • gmap (gmaps.js)
  • Highlight (highlight.min.js)
  • Isotope(Isotope.pkgd.min.js)
  • Jquery UI(jquery-ui-slider.min.js)
  • Circliful(jquery.circliful.js)
  • Counterup (jquery.counterup.min.js)
  • Ripple (jquery.ripples-min.js)
  • Slicknav(jquery.slicknav.min.js)
  • Tubular(jquery.tubular.1.0.js)
  • Lightcase (lightcase.js)
  • Map Script (map-script.js)
  • Particles (particles.min.js)
  • Raindrops (Raindrops.js)
  • Slick (slick.min.js)
  • Swiper (swiper.min.js)
  • All Plugin Activation File (main.js)

With the help of the Javascript library jQuery, you can write a lot less code. The majority of the animation on this website is produced using custom scripts. A handful of the features are worth exploring.

I have used a few “functioning plugins in addition to the custom scripts to produce the effects. You won’t need to manually alter anything in the file because this plugin is already packed. The method call itself is the only thing that must be understood.

Login Administrator

Username: admin
Password: admin

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