Complete Android Chatting App

Complete Android Chatting App with Voice and Video Calls in Android Studio

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Outline: Complete Android Chatting App

The project, the Complete android app comes with voice and video call features and was developed with android studio. This is a real-time chatting app with groups and voice messages functionality.

Complete android chatting app enables a user to send photos, audio, videos, voice messages, and contact details, a user can also create groups. was utilized for Voice and Video call feature. The chat app consists of a backend, emojis, groups, video calls, and voice messages. It can be used completely as an android chatting, voice call application, firebase chat app, media sharing, flat chat app, messages app, messenger, real-time chat app, telegram clone, WhatsApp clone, and more.

Features: Android Chatting App with Voice and Video Calls

  • Voice Call
  • Video Call
  • Voice Messages
  • Group feature
  • FireBase Real Time Chat Integration
  • Sent/Delivered Indication
  • Copy/Forward/Delete Messages
  • Status Updating Feature
  • Push Notification on new message
  • Beautiful Material Design
  • Sweet and Clean animations
  • Image Sharing
  • Audio Sharing
  • Contact Sharing
  • Document Sharing
  • Emoji Sharing
  • User Guide

Instructions on How to Run: Complete Android Chatting App

  • Unzip “android-chatting-app-with-firebase-yoohoo” main files.
  • Open it as Android Studio
  • Follow the documentation

This application is not difficult to re-skin you simply need android studio introduced on your PC. What’s more, you need to change the package name, application name, and AdMob ids before transferring to Playstore or any app store. See the given documentation for additional guidelines in regards to the re-skinning app.


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