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App Browser – All in one app with VPN using Android Studio

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Project Details: App Browser

The App Browser – All in one app comes with a free VPN and was built with android studio, with numerous users relying on different apps for shopping, travelling, entertainment, and more, searching for different apps can be tedious, the app browser was designed to meet these requirements.

The app browser provides you with all social sites, educational, entertainment, news, travel sites, top apps, smart apps, and voice search options.

The home button serves as a navigation to the direct home screen and also a forward and backward control for basic navigation on the browser.

It is a simple and basic UI design, and you can personalize the front page with your applications or website for easy and quick access.

Features of App Browser in Android Studio

  • all in one Browser for all app & web
  • Voice search option
  • Amazing Splash screen
  • Simple UI
  • Bookmark Site
  • Private Tab (Incognito mode)
  • Lifetime free VPN for all
  • The TOP site is on the front page
  • All social, educational, and travel app groups on the front page
  • Best ade position on the app front page
  • Google ad (AdMob)
  • Facebook  ad
  • App Sharing and rating
  • Unique Design

App Browser Admin Panel Features

  • Show all app data on the dashboard
  • Create & delete new app category
  • Add and delete the app
  • Manage advertising networks
  • User-friendly UI

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