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Angry Birds Game Application in Android-Unity

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Project Details: Angry Birds

Unity is a game engine created by Unity Technologies. It is used to develop 2D/3D games and interactive virtual experiences across platforms. It is widely used for video games, simulations, education, AR/VR, and other interactive content.

The original version of Angry Birds game was developed using several game objects like birds, blocks, pigs, TNTs, and many other objects for decoration. Different types of birds were used and each differs in size and colour, some have abilities that are triggered when the screen is touched after a shot.

Angry Birds game also has various types of pigs that also differ in size and health points. The blocks are of different materials that affect their physical properties and health points. While TNTs are utilized for explosions that cause damage in the area that can affect various blocks and pigs.

All of the abovementioned game objects are placed on terrain that can either be flat or complex.

Object Details: Angry Birds

– Birds

Red: Regular bird; has no special abilities.
Blue: Splits into 3 birds when clicked on, firm against ice blocks.
Yellow: Shoots forward at high speed when clicked on, firm against woodblocks.
Black: Explodes when clicked on or after impact, firm against stone blocks.
White: Drops explosive egg when clicked on.

– Pigs


– Blocks



– Terrain

These objects should be visible at the level displayed in the figure above. It has 3 blocks of every material, 3 pigs, a TNT block, and 5 birds (one of each sort). In addition, it has 2 rows of static square platforms drifting in the air.

Level Representation: Angry Birds

Levels are represented inside utilizing an XML format. This format consists of various birds and a list of game objects. Each game object has 4 attributes:

  • Type: A unique string representing the ID of the object.
  • Material: A line defining the content of a block. Relevant values are only “wood,” “stone,” and “ice.”
  • Position: (x,y) float numbers representing the position of the game object. The origin (0,0) of the coordinates system is the center of the level.
  • Rotation: A float number that defines the rotation of the game object.

In other to avoid any conflict in the codes, download the latest of Unity Game Engine. To know more about the connection between Android Studio and Unity, have these docs here.

This mobile app uses Unity as the game engine, C# as the programming language, and Android as the platform.

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