Android Hotel Booking

Android Hotel Booking Application in Android Studio

Project Details: Android Hotel Booking

A hotel booking application for developed in Android Studio would give more control to guests over their stay at a hotel. Currently, most hotel booking apps are web-based and not as user-friendly as they could be. As technology improves, new ways to interact with users become available. Letting them make quick and personalized choices about their stay is an efficient use of time and money for hotels.

A dedicated Android app would cater to the needs of guests by providing an offline mode for bookings. This would reduce data usage and speed up bookings for guests who prefer this mode. Additionally, the application should notify the guest about the status of their booking in real-time. The data it collects can help hotels improve current practices and boost customer satisfaction rates.

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A hotel booking application counts the number of views and will add to the cart if you will book your preferred choice of hotel.

App Features: Android Hotel Booking

  • Take an example JSON for a rundown of Hotels
  • The hotel will have the most essential distinguishing fields.
  • Create a couple of users who will perform the necessary activities.
  • Track visitors on a hotel page
  • Users can start a booking and save for later to complete it.
  • Users book a Hotel such as creating a completed booking.
  • Display the activities happening around the hotel page (Visits, Saved Bookings, Completed Bookings)
  • Show suggestions of other hotels based on the activities done by the user.
  • Implement a simple UI with minimal functionality required.
  • Shows the list of hotels as organized in HotelMock.json
  • List of hotels shown with their ratings, views, and tags.
  • On clicking “Book,” users can create either Draft or Complete Booking.
  • Activities including Views, Drafts, and Bookings are displayed.
  • Every hotel has tags connected to it. Upon successfully booking, the user can navigate to the “Recommendation” tab to see applicable hotels with similar tags.

Instructions to Run: Android Hotel Booking

In other to run this project, proceed to;

1 – Install Android Studio and import the project from the studio’s homepage.

–  Your project setup will automatically start. All the Gradle build files will automatically install inside your project root directory.

2 – Run the project and set up your virtual device and run the emulator.

– You will see the home screen when the project starts.

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