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All in One Game App using Android Studio Source Code

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Project: All in One Game App using Android Studio Source Code

The All in One game app developed using Android Studio, this is a new app that can be used to play various online mini-games and it is available as a free download.

The normal gaming app allows you to play only one game and this takes alot of storage space on your mobile phone. With the game hub, you can play up to 30 games and it takes a significantly low storage space on your device.

The app provides you with the best and trending games for free, including, action, racing, mind games, card games and more, it consist of games from all categories.

Features of All in One Game App

  • Addictive Instant Games.
  • No need to install and waste storage.
  • Collection of new games with multiple interests.
  • Simple UI and Easy-to-use
  • Light-weight: Simple, Fast & Secure.
  • A lot of different genres: Action, Card, Mind, and many more.
  • No need to download a new game every day – it is all in one place!

Requirements: All in One Game

Android Studio version 3.6.3 or higher – Gradle version 3.6.3 or higher


Android Studio Setup Process

Download Android Studio – HERE
Install Android Studio – GUIDE
Learn more about Android Studio – LEARN MORE

Android App Configuration

Open project in Android studio
Choose the ‘Import Project’ option and proceed to find your “Game Hub” Project

Change ApplicationID

After successfully uploading the project,
Find build.gradle file inside the app folder and select to open and change your applicationId

Change Application name

Please ensure to change your application name.  Follow the below step.
Open /android/app/res /values/string.xml and specify your application name.

Change Application icon
Please ensure to change your application name. This is what you can do. Follow the below step.
Open /android/app/drawable -> Rightclick -> New -> Image Asset

In Path select the icon that you want to add.

Refer to this link –

Generate Signed APK

Go to your project -> Build -> GenerateSigned Bundle/APK…

Select Android App Bundle or APK Option as per your need. (Android App Bundle is the best solution) and click the Next button.

Select Create new option to generate a new Signed key (When you release your app the First Time) and Fill all options.
Refer to this link – HERE

Select Build variants – release and Signature versions both V1 and V2 respectively as shown above screen shot and click Finish button.

Wait for a while until Gradle Build Running process complete.and finally you will get the Generate Signed APK : (APKs) generated successfully . from that click on Locate option to get Location of your Generate Signed APK Key.

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