Alarm Scheduler

Alarm Scheduler in VB.Net

Outline: Alarm Scheduler

Alarm Scheduler is a Windows Forms application that allows you to manage alarms and to schedule them for a future time. This application can be used to schedule alarms for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly periods. You can also specify how often the alarm should be triggered. This application also allows you to view and manage alarms from any computer that has access to the Internet.

Visual Basic 2019 and Microsoft Access were used in creating the database of this application. This application is been used by various organizations to manage time shifting in departments, daily scheduled activities, and tracking.

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Functions: Alarm Scheduler

  1. Add Schedule
  2. Edit Schedule
  3. Delete Schedule
  4. Adjust the Alarm
  5. View all Schedules
  6. Help; to use all functions
  7. Countdown and Stopwatch timer
  8. Save as a file.

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